Twisted's Own Chef E will be on TV!


That's right, our own Chef Erica Buskirk will be on the Food Network show Supermarket Stakeout! So, set a reminder and set your DVR's for Tuesday, March 16th at 9pm CST. We can only imagine what Chef E and her unique personality brought to the show. We're certain the crew on the set will never be the same!

We will have more details soon about menu specials the weeks before and after the initial airing. Stay tuned Twisted Nation, this is going to be one of those fun a shopping cart!


JANUARY 12, 2021
Kenosha Chef Appears on Food Network’s Supermarket Stakeout March 16

(Kenosha, Wisconsin) - Erica Buskirk, Executive Chef at Twisted Cuisine was invited to participate in an episode of Supermarket Stakeout on the Food Network Channel. The show features four chefs facing off in a competitive pop-up kitchen outside a grocery store with host Alex Guarnaschelli. A theme is assigned for each round, but the twist is that the Chefs must size up shoppers as they exit the store and negotiate purchasing their groceries from them as the ingredients they can cook with.

For Buskirk, this was a familiar challenge. Twisted Cuisine often challenges the chef by posting to social media for fans and patrons to suggest ingredients for weekend specials. In these instances, staff selects the ingredients and Buskirk is left to figure out how to put them to use in a delicious combination that actually works. In the early years of the local Taste of Wisconsin event, she helped host a local version of CHOPPED where local pairs would compete to cook with unique ingredient combinations.

Buskirk is no stranger to working under pressure either. In 2016 she competed in the Chicago edition of Culinary Fight Club, where her team took first place. In 2017 she was invited to be the Sous Chef for Chef Mark Gaylord as he competed at the World Food Championships. Her biggest challenges to date though are not in the kitchen. By day, Buskirk teaches Culinary Arts for Racine Unified School District at Case High School. The kids keep her on her toes and she learns more about herself and the art of cooking each day.

Buskirk has worked as Executive Chef at Twisted Cuisine for more than 10 years. After attending Culinary School in Pennsylvania, she went on to work as a Restaurant Manager, Line Cook, and even in Food Supply Sales. She has worked in kitchens across the country and brings back flavors for inspiration from the places she has lived and visited. She is passionate about food and the restaurant business. Learning from her mom at an early age that simple ingredients can be transformed into tasty dishes, her passion comes from home cooking and time spent with family.

Buskirk’s episode of Supermarket Stakeout will air on March 16 at 9pm CST on Food Network. Twisted Cuisine will be open and serving their full menu, and possibly some special dishes in the days surrounding the premiere to show off Chef Erica’s skills. Patrons who are dining in and staff will be watching the show from the restaurant. You can always order carryout or even delivery and have a Twisted experience while you view from home, too.

Twisted Cuisine is a locally owned and operated restaurant located at 7546 Sheridan Road in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rhonda Bell opened the restaurant in 2006. Her team aims to make you feel at home while serving you casual gourmet — with a twist! The menu includes playful variations of classic dishes, some unusual ingredients, and wild combinations. Chef Erica Buskirk creates seasonal menus, full and half size entrée portions, and a variety of small plate offerings to ensure that there is something for everyone in your party. View the menu, place an order, or make a reservation at